Yarn Along


I have cast on the second sock to the magic loop.  It took me almost two months to knit the first sock and I am determined to knit this one up faster.  I have only used a custom pattern that I learned at a sock knitting class with Kate Atherley at the Purple Purl http://kateatherley.com  The next pair I attempt is going to be the two at a time on the magic loop and then I think it’s about time I tried some patterned socks.  Suggestions?

I am currently reading The Lost Hero because the eleven year old loves to talk about the books he reads and I hate spoilers!

Knitting along with Ginny from Small Things http://www.gsheller.com


Yarn Along


Some well known facts about myself are that I love babies and everything that goes along with them, including birth stories.  I have been reading Birth: The Surprising Story of How We Are Born by Tina Cassidy and it is a fascinating read.  Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am really enjoying it.

I am working away at my first magic loop sock.  It has been many weeks of on and off knitting, but I am oh, so close to the toe!

Yarning Along with Ginny from Small Things  http://www.gsheller.com


Seeking Solace

I love quiet. I find it hard to think of a moment when I thought it was too quiet. When I am in need of comfort I immediately wish that I was in a quiet corner by myself. In the quiet moments I can think, read, write, create.

Last week there was no quiet. There was noise and more noise and more noise. I felt as though I were going crazy, truly losing my mind. And that is why, after a week of seeking, I cherish these quiet moments when they happen.

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Life is Fragile

I am a La Leche League Leader.  Once a month I am lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with some wonderful mamas and their beautiful babies.  Often we are supporting the new moms through some difficulty with breastfeeding or related topic.  Last nights meeting was rare with many of the moms having two or three kids.

After sharing many thoughts and ideas about the Art of Breastfeeding talk turned to how fleeting those early days are.  There were two new moms with a perfect 5 week old and a gorgeous 6 week old.  The favorite saying of the night was “The days are long, but the years are short.”

And so comes to how fragile life is.  You are handed a precious bundle, perfect in every way and you are now responsible for someone else’s life.  You can’t imagine making it through the first week, let alone keeping this little thing alive for years.  And then you blink and there is a tall, handsome young man standing in front of you.

Life is fragile.  It comes and goes so fast.  And in the meantime we forget to cherish the little moments.  I’m guilty of that today.  Constantly asking, demanding, screaming for a little quiet… and then they will be gone and it will be too quiet.


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Ever patient, with unconditional love and support, you stand.

I trip, stumble, fall and reach for your helping hand.

But, resolute you stand, thinking I can pick myself up on my own.

Ever patient, with unconditional love and support, you stand.

I reach, climb, achieve the goal and look for your approval.

But, resolute you stand, thinking that I did it on my own.

I didn’t.

When I picked myself up, I was pulling on your legs.

When I did what I set out to do, I was standing on your shoulders.

With you standing resolute I know I am never on my own.

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I Dared

I dared to step out of the race, to leave the pack, to travel the road less travelled.  I dared to be different, to be original, to be myself.  I dared to make my own rhythm, to follow my own drum.  And I ended up with exactly what my heart and soul needed… a tribe to call my own.

Shared values, shared philosophies, shared vision.  Folks to call me out and pull me back in line when my mindlessness sets in.  Kindred spirits to keep me grounded and to remind me why I do what I do, why I am who I am.

I dared to take the road less travelled and that has made all the difference.

Inspired by The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost and writing along with http://writealm.com/november-prompt-a-day/


Tonight’s dinner is in the oven.  Eggplant parmesan.  Yum… Comfort food.

The knife sliced smoothly into the plump, purple eggplant.  After I had a pile of slices on the counter, I began the dipping. Egg, breadcrumbs, egg, breadcrumbs.  The fingers of my right hand soon gooey with egg, the fingers of my left slowly getting fatter with layers of breadcrumb.

Roughly layered eggplant covered with homemade tomato sauce, oozy, red goodness, spiced with garlic, basil and oregano.  All put together and topped with mozzeralla cheese, grated and sprinkled in bumpy, white hills on top.

The finished product? Oozy, gooey, crunchy goodness.

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After a busy week and a Saturday that leaves me feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck, Sundays are best left for downtime.  Big Daddy heads off to work pretty early and the boys and I often don’t have an organized meal or get out of our P.J.’s until lunch.

The boys are pretty good at occupying themselves these days.  When all is well, they can happily play for 3 or 4 hours without any need of me. That is what happened last Sunday.  Hours of happy play while I planted myself on the couch to catch up on library books and lesson planning.

This week, well, let’s just say not all is well…  Last night we went to see a student from the dance studio perform in a community theatre production of Annie.  It was a lot of fun and our little 7 year old friend was fantastic.  However, we didn’t get home until well after 11:00 and so the boys have been at each others throats.

In order to take up my station on the couch this week, they have all been sent to separate bedrooms to read, sketch or listen to audio books for some much needed alone and quiet time.

My Sunday station

Sunday (5)

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Spring is here, if not in body in spirit.  I always feel the need to welcome spring early and this year’s winter was espeacially hard and dreary.  We started with Mr. A setting up the nature table for Spring the very first Monday of March.  In retrospect, we think that may have been a bit early and after discussion are thinking we should wait for the solstice’s and equinox’s to change the nature table. This week is almost always our visit to the sugar bush, capped off with a home St. Patrick’s day celebration.  I have been having a hard time thinking of something new to do for St. Patrick’s day.  Now that my boys are older it feels harder to inspire them, or inspire myself to find creative things to do with them…  So, I will be spending some of today searching for brilliant ideas and hopefully come up with a bunch.

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We have just started our second year of homeschooling our three boys.  They are now 9 years, 7 years and 5 years old.  We follow Waldorf pedagogy and curriculum, but are keeping the boys at their mainstream grade level.  It is working well for them, as they are all born in the first 7 months of the year.  The youngest actually has the latest birthday, July, and being a precocious third child, I am fairly confident he will do well as we move up through the grades.  He is already mature beyond his years!