Archived from March 23, 2009


Inspired by the wool felted spring baskets at, Mr. D and Mr. R and I felted some wool bird’s nests.  We tried the ziplock bag technique as well as doing them wet by hand and I have to say I was impressed with the ziplock bags.  I had to finish all of them off.  The boys just loose interest after a little while.  I am starting to realize just how much time you need to put in to really felt something.  Mr. R loves to get wet, so the beginning part in the bowl of wet, soapy water is great for him.  The bag was much more appealing to Mr. D, who does not like to be wet or messy.  Anyways, I am really happy with how they turned out.



My Mother Nature turned out a lot more colourful than Sybille Von Olfers in The Story of the Root Children.  I didn’t have any grey roving, so decided to do her hair in this vibrant green.  I think she is much more spring like in all of her bright colours, don’t you?


Our Spring Nature Table.  Every time I walk by it I smile to myself.  It is so colourful and cheery.


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    • Thanks so much Ulrike! Most of what is here is pretty old, but I am hoping to get back to posting regularly. The seasonal changes usually inspire me… I guess the snow isn’t helping my motivation!

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