Archived from January 18, 2010

Our first week out of town went really well.  It still felt a little like a holiday as we transitioned from busy city life to a slower pace.  We did get a lot done though…
Mr. D read four novels last week alone!  He has become a reading machine.  Pretty awesome!  He is really enjoying sleeping in a room by himself and staying awake late reading his books.
Mr. R and Mr. A seem to be enjoying the endless play time the most.
We did three lessons last week.  The first day was Language Arts, the second Math and Science, and the third French.  Our lessons consist of a Circle Time with songs and verses, a story, Main Lesson Book work and manipulatives.
For Language Arts I told the fable City Mouse, Country Mouse.  A familiar story for all of us.  We then did some practice writing with a verse from our circle, a form drawing and an illustration of the fable in our Main Lesson Books.

Our temporary blackboard with the first days lesson


Aftermath of language arts


Main Lesson Book pages



For Math I told the first half of the story The Kingdom of Jewel from the Enki curriculum.   The boys loved that and I am really looking forward to telling the next part.  We also got out our magnetic tanagrams for manipulative work.  We also added some bean bag counting to our Circle time.

Wet felting play mats for Handwork



Big Daddy got really into explaining the different states of matter, melting snow to a liquid and boiling water to see the vapour.



French was a re-telling of City Mouse, Country Mouse only en Francais, Souris de la Ville, Souris des Champs.   We also had a French verse and song added to our Circle time.  I hope that with repetition the boys will become comfortable with both.


We also went to the library in town, which is wonderful and returned to the city for dance classes.   All in all a productive yet relaxing week.


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