Archived from March 14, 2009


Yesterday we talked about 3D Shapes.  I started by telling a story I had made up about a sad and flat circle who rolled through life looking for something to make him happy.  One windy March day he found himself blown up into a sphere!  He felt full and happy for the rest of his life.
After the story and a brief discussion of the relationship between circles and spheres, squares and cubes, triangles and cones, we created our own 3D shapes with toothpicks and mini marshmallows.  Mr. A ate all of his marshmallows.  Can’t expect much more from a two year old.  Mr. R, however, got really into it.  He created squares, stars, cubes and a larger structure.  He was really excited and it made I felt justified for having done this lesson at home instead of at school.


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