Our Rhythm Archived from January 22, 2010

In Walorf education and parenting we strive to create and follow a rhythm.  In the most basic sense it is a schedule, however, the point is not to be confined by times and activities, rather to have a pulse or sense of flow to our days, weeks, months.  The is more in tune with following the earths natural cycles, the moon cycles or the change of seasons, than adding arbitrary structure.
So, I have tried to create a rhythm for our days out in the country.  Writing this post is reminding me that I need to allow myself to feel the in-breath and out-breath of our activities more.  That means activities that are more drawn in to ourselves, more reserved, balanced with activities that take us out of ourselves, more outgoing.

Our days look a bit like this:
Wake and read, have breakfast, get ready for the day
Have a lesson or go out for an activity
Quiet time-nap for Daddy and Mr. A, knitting, reading, quiet play for the rest of us
More handwork, baking, painting
Outdoor play
Dinner prep. and journals/workbooks
Bedtime – Soak, stories, songs, sleep

Our weeks look a bit like this:
Sunday – Language arts lesson and handwork
Monday – Family Day
Tuesday – Library, shopping
Wednesday – French lesson and baking
Thursday – Math and science lesson and painting
Friday – Homeschool gym class, errands
Saturday – Dance classes in the city


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