Summer Reflections from September 12, 2009

It’s hard to believe that the summer is really over.  It flew by so fast that it took some serious reflection with the boys to remember all of the great things we did.
A large part of the summer was devoted to building the new school.  We were part of an Interior Space committee, which met regularly to delegate work that we thought needed to be done.  There was a lot of branch and stump collecting, fabric dyeing, steam cleaning, and more.
The big thing I took on with another mother was co-ordinating a regular craft circle.  We made Waldorf dolls, a large scale fabric playmat, gnomes, fairies…  It was great meeting with the same committed group of mothers each week and putting a voice to our worries and hopes for the school.
Other than that, the boys and I did a lot of other things. We did two weeks of summer art and dance camp; spent a week with their American cousins; drove to PEI for a few days; went to the cottage; picked blueberries; and enjoyed our free time!


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