Life is Fragile

I am a La Leche League Leader.  Once a month I am lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with some wonderful mamas and their beautiful babies.  Often we are supporting the new moms through some difficulty with breastfeeding or related topic.  Last nights meeting was rare with many of the moms having two or three kids.

After sharing many thoughts and ideas about the Art of Breastfeeding talk turned to how fleeting those early days are.  There were two new moms with a perfect 5 week old and a gorgeous 6 week old.  The favorite saying of the night was “The days are long, but the years are short.”

And so comes to how fragile life is.  You are handed a precious bundle, perfect in every way and you are now responsible for someone else’s life.  You can’t imagine making it through the first week, let alone keeping this little thing alive for years.  And then you blink and there is a tall, handsome young man standing in front of you.

Life is fragile.  It comes and goes so fast.  And in the meantime we forget to cherish the little moments.  I’m guilty of that today.  Constantly asking, demanding, screaming for a little quiet… and then they will be gone and it will be too quiet.


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