Dancing through my weekends is coming to an end and it has totally snuck up on me! Our year over at Pegasus Studios where I teach pre-school and early childhood movement officially ended last Sunday with a whack load of recitals.
My Saturday classes were bitter sweet as I am ready for a bit of break, however I am really going to miss the little ones. And some of us had a rough start… My 2.5 year old classes cried a lot over the first few weeks and both my 4 year old classes pushed back against the class structure after they had all been in full day kindergarten for the week.
Both situations had me questioning what I was doing and what was developmentally appropriate for the children. I did a lot of soul searching and read Jane Healy’s Your Child’s Growing Mind.
Nine months changes a lot with littles though and all of my classes reached stages of fun and ease. There is nothing like a room full of dancing three year olds to bring you out of a funk. I guess I’m going to have to find something else to pick me up through the next little while!

Photo taken by one of the parents of my class.

Check out my guest post over at senseofstory.com today!


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  1. What a lovely picture and by the look on your face and the wonderful fairy wings I am sure that their was much joy in every class!

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