Homeschool Planning

It is mid-August and I am in the thick of it with planning out our homeschool year to come. In truth planning always starts by early May, assessing what we won’t be getting to, deciding what books and curriculum we want to purchase for the following year, and really just starting to wrap my head around the next step.

I am currently participating in a really great planning course through Celebrate the Rhythm of Life called Sketch it Out ( ). One of our lessons was to assess what kind of planner we are. Although my astrological sign is supposed to be mutable, with the qualities of moving on and getting unstuck, I really don’t resonate with that. I hold on and I hold on tight. My first go around with Ancient Rome and my eldest was an epic 9 week block resulting in him hating Rome.

And so I find myself struggling with planning this year. There have been years in the past where I had everything laid out by now, books neatly sorted, all of our supplies ordered, delivered and put away. Not this year. I still have the unfinished lesson books from last year on the table in front of me. Life got in the way and we just didn’t wrap things up in any neat and tidy parcels.

Holding on has become a bit of a thing with me lately. Maybe that is why we haven’t done our wrap up from last years school work. I have been having a hard time with my boys growing older (and taller than me!), with friends moving away, with life moving quickly all around.  I miss the early years of slow and steady days, to take a phrase from Charlotte Mason. Older children means more lesson work, less singing and baking, more extra curricular activities and less snuggling in bed with story books.

Wrapping up last years work with each boy is on my to do list over the next few weeks.  It doesn’t work to just let that all go and move on. We need closure. In the meantime, I have started laying out our year, our months/blocks and our weekly rhythm (extra-curricular registrations do not wait for me to find closure😉). And despite the struggles I know I will get excited for what is to come. As I pick up trusted books, like Rhythms of Learning by Roberto Trostli and School as a Journey by Torin Finser, or visit favourite websites, like or, I am reminded of why I am here doing what I’m doing… Love, connection and support for one another and for our family.

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  1. Wow! That picture looks epic and totally speaks to the organization side of my soul!! Wishing you some happy planning and closure-ing.

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