End of the Week Archived from January 23, 2010

As I start to prepare myself for another weeks lessons, I would like to share what we were up to this past week. Sunday was our Language Arts Day.  We did our Circle followed by the story The Crow and the Pitcher from Aesops.  During the telling of the story we had a cup with a bit of water in it.  We slowly added small pebbles to it.  The boys were amazed as the water slowly rose to the top of the glass.  We then used our Waldorf Alphabet cards and beeswax to create words.

Monday we spent time on the edge of the woods building a branch fort with Daddy. Mr.R and Mr.A decided to climb a tree.

Mr.D got into helping with the fort.
Tuesday was our library and shopping day.  Have I mentioned how great the library is here?  It has the most wonderful kids section. Wednesday I re-told the story in French after Circle.  I made a vocabulary list on the black board with words from our story.  I said them and had the boys tell me what they were in English, then they repeated the words after me for pronunciation. Wednesday was also our Baking Day.  We made Chocolat Chip Cookies from Diet for a Small Planet, and Butternut Squash Muffins from Jamie At Home.

Thursday was Math and Science.  We continued our story on Place Value about The Kingdom of Jewel.  The boys were really into this one, listening attentively to the whole thing and then drawing a part of the story.  For science Daddy showed them how a lightbulb worked and they made their own with things he found around the house.  Super cool! “It’s lighting up!”

Circle Time
Friday we went to a Homeschoolers Gym session in town.  There were so many families, at least 50 kids ranging from 3 years to 17 years old.  What an incredible resource for homeschool families to gather together. Saturday we re-visited our Math story by counting jewels with the “Secret of Ten”.  We sorted jewels by 10’s first in white envelopes, then in paper bags and finally in a large box.  By sorting them this way Mr.D quickly figured out that we had one thousand (the large box), two hundred (two paper bags), ninety (nine white envelopes) and three jewels. We enjoyed lots of outdoor play throughout the week including toboganning down the driveway and an awesome 45 minute visit to the frozen pond down the road.