Canadian Geography

In the Waldorf pedagogy local Geography is explored in Grade 4. The idea is to work from the inside out, to move from what is closest to the child’s knowledge, their home and local community, then proceed with the bigger picture of the child’s home country. For my boys our first lesson block in the fall covered our local community and city, mapping the area, learning a bit of the history of the land and peoples and taking field trips.

Our second block covered Canada province by province. We learned about the indigenous peoples of each area, read picture books by authors of each province, made delicious foods and highlighted local artists. All of our maps were done in watercolour pencil.

I’m happy to share my outline for anyone who is interested. Please message me.

Ontario included artists Norval Morisseau and the Group of Seven. We were lucky to be able to visit the McMichael Art Gallery to see some of these artists paintings in person.

Family movie night after learning about Prince Edward Island included the Sullivan production of Anne of Green Gables.

We attempted a pemmican recipe, a mixture of fat, meat and berries. The results were not as delicious as we had hoped.

Putting all the pieces together with a puzzle map of Canada.